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Organic Hair Dye

Finding safe organic hair dye products is not an easy task. On the retail side there are a small number of brands that claim to do organic hair dye but on the salon side it is almost non-existent. This is difficult for me to comprehend because considering organic and natural products is the fastest growing beauty category, you would have thought that something as popular as hair dye and hair color would be available in organic form as well. That is where Organic Natural Colors (ONC) comes in. It is a safe organic hair dye that contains certified organic ingredients and enriches the hair with all of its natural ingredients. Conventional hair dye has been linked to many types of cancer, and this is one of the many motivations as to why I am so passionate about promoting organic hair dye because it does not damage the hair, but instead leaves your hair looking naturally colored and healthy. Being a health freak myself I would never choose to dye my hair using anything other than safe and healthy organic hair dye products. Through all my research I have been unable to find a truly organic hair dye. The ones that claim to be ‘natural’ are in fact synthetic products that still contain a lot of chemicals. This is what makes ONC Natural Colors one of a kind. It does not contain any ammonia, which is extremely damaging to hair, and it has certified organic ingredients. It has taken years of extensive research and expertise to develop a product that we are truly proud of, and one which will benefit people’s lives beyond comprehension. It’s revolutionary formula is unlike anything you will have ever used before. I urge you to try it, so you too can witness true organic hair dye for yourself!