Artofcare ONC NATURALCOLORS Heat Cap For ONC Hair Heating Process

EAN: 8680422575373
  • Durable, reusable heat cap designed to be used for applications that need that extra boost of heat. Keeping color in the cap and on the hair, it allows free movement without the worry of color dripping or making a mess.

    The heat cap was originally designed for professional lines use. You can use other methods, e.g. cover the hair with foil and use heat from the sun, use a shower cap and hair dryer or a standard salon hair dryer. The cap makes any process or application that needs heat much easier, allows you to move freely without worrying about any mess, and helps to deliver more professional results.

    Safe and convenient to use the ONC Thermal Heat Cap is designed for use with ONC hair color dyes and is ideal for nursing your hair at home.

    Thermal ・ No wires ・ No cords ・ Quiet ・ Simple easy to use ・ Move about ・ Gentle natural even heat ・ No overheating ・ Will not dry the hair or scalp ・ Seals in treatment ・ Helps prevent split ends ・ De-frizz dry damaged hair ・ Helps control dry and itchy scalps ・ Suitable for all hair types ・ Fully adjustable Velcro fastening strap ・ Reusable and machine washable

    Its unique thermal design uses low-temperature radiated heat that helps color absorb fully and evenly for vibrant, softer, healthier hair.

    It allows the hair cuticles to open and provides better penetration of ONC hair color dyes without raising the pH of the hair and scalp with harsh chemicals.

    1. For radiant, silky, soft, smooth and manageable hair
    • As recommended by professionals; salon quality
    • Use when covering gray or coloring roots
    • For best results; guaranteed
    1. Silent, safe, durable, reusable thermal heat cap; machine washable
  • The heat cap is recommended only when coloring roots and/or covering gray hair.

    1. Ensure the plastic cap provided in the box is on the hair before the heat cap is placed on the head.

    2. The heat cap should be used for 15 minutes after applying hair color dye to the roots and/or gray hair. The heat cap is not used for coloring the rest of the hair.


    The ONC Thermal Heat Cap helps in the repair of hair damaged from bleaching, over processing, chemical dyeing and environmental damage.

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