Artofcare ONC NATURALCOLORS Heat Cap For ONC Hair Heating Process Machine Washable Reusable!

  • Durable, reusable heat cap designed to be used for applications that need that extra boost of heat. Keeping color in the cap and on the hair, it allows free movement without the worry of color dripping or making a mess.

    The heat cap was originally designed for professional lines use. You can use other methods, e.g. cover the hair with foil and use heat from the sun, use a shower cap and hair dryer or a standard salon hair dryer. The cap makes any process or application that needs heat much easier, allows you to move freely without worrying about any mess, and helps to deliver more professional results.
  • Directions:  Just put the cap on and the internal material is designed to capture the body heat and increase it to the optimum level of heat necessary for NATURALCOLORS to process for best results.

    It may also be used for deep conditioning and any other applications needing heat.

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