Before You Buy

Eric Kaya, President, ONC NATURALCOLORS

... a few words from Eric ...

When we are young and have shiny, bouncy hair that we can cut, curl, wash, style the way we want to... we never think one day this hair will start having gray hair coming through. First a few here, a few there, but then it will all turn gray.

When we start seeing the gray in the mirror almost most of us will want to get rid of it. That’s when we start thinking where, when, how...

Yes, by coloring it. By then some know that almost all well-known brands, even the ones who advertise that they are clean, are not. When you start using it, your scalp burns, itches, some lose hair, some have headaches...some have mood swings.

Why? Because all those harsh toxic chemicals penetrate the body and mix with the blood.

To color hair you need to open the cuticle of the hair and deposit the color into the core of the hair. But hairs' composition is keratin like our nails. It is tough as hell. So, to open it you need powerful ingredients.

How do you open the cuticle? Well, a renowned company found a way 125 years ago. Which was to blow the hair up with ammonia to open cuticles and deposit the color into the hair. This technology is still used today. Yes, most have taken the ammonia out, but when you take ammonia out, most usually use a derivative called MEA. Then there is PPD, which also is a must in permanent hair color. Again, most companies claim they do not have it, but use a derivative like PTD. PPD/PTD glues the color to the core of the hair.

So, MEA/Ammonia opens the cuticles, and PPD/PTD glues the color to the core of the hair. Without these two ingredients your hair color will wash away. So, when a color company says we are so clean and green, this can be misleading. Because use of organic kale and carrot juice with a bit of broccoli extract will not open the cuticle of the hair.

Hair has no nerves in it. So, when these toxic harsh chemicals start frying your hair, we only feel the bits that touch our scalp. Because your scalp does have nerves in it. Later we get more reactions, because the color on our hair—hair is like a screw: whatever is on it will get into our body. Because the chemicals that open the cuticles also open the pores on our scalp. Since our body has positive ions, and hair color has negative ions. The body sucks these harsh chemicals in. Because positive ions attract negative ions. That is when we start feeling dizzy, sick, headaches…some react quicker than others.

More so after going through this process every month for years. It shows in the quality of the hair and also explains why the breaking, thinning...

This is true for men and women.

What did we do…? Why are we different? We at NATURALCOLORS, after working with international companies, took out many chemicals. And still made it work like the well-known brands. We knew from the salons that we distributed these well-known brands to. That people wanted something healthier.

HOW? We lowered the pH by using less MEA than others, and decreased the percentage of PPD, but we still have to have some.

The reason why we could do this was because we hydrolyzed the ingredients. So, the molecules were small enough to get into the hair. Without having to fry it. Softening the cuticles was enough. And we did this with body heat or by using a hair dryer.

This changed everything. As the pH was lower, we could put in herbal extracts, essential oils, and Vitamin E and C that is good for hair.

They even last the three-year shelf life of the product. So, it is hair color and hair care in one bottle.

But for NATURALCOLORS to work. You need heat. Heat from our own body, or medium heat from a hair dryer. This is the main difference of NATURALCOLORS compared to all other brands. The Thermal Heat Cap traps the heat released from the top of your head. And softens the cuticles of your hair.

The heat softens the cuticles without the need for harsh toxic chemicals. Allowing the color into the hair without destroying its structure.

This is why reading the instructions and following the process is a “MUST” to get results. Otherwise the color will not work.

Taking out the harsh chemicals has consequences and the main one is to use heat on new, regrowth hair.

So, please read the tips on our "Learn" and "FAQs" pages before you use the color. Please read and follow the full instructions in the box. You can access and/or download extra copies from the "LEAFLETS" page.

And if there is anything you do not understand, please call me at 310 430-6552, or use the chat line on the website.

Thank you.

Happy hair coloring!