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Use of heat is necessary for results

As this product does not contain chemicals to open the cuticles. After the color mix is on your hair. Use medium heat from a hair dryer or heat cap. This opens the cuticles so the color can go into the hair. Only use heat on the roots or regrowth hair. A heat cap is healthiest. As it opens the cuticles using trapped heat from your head. It also prevents overheating, which dries hair out. Don't forget - USE HEAT!

ONC NATURALCOLORS Thermal Heat Cap and girl with hair dryer
Men do no need to use heat. Apply. Wait 30 minutes for full gray coverage. Or 15-20 minutes for a 'salt and pepper' look. Rinse.

The heat cap holds body heat and helps to open the hair cuticles to let color in. Its use does not ensure color results.