2N Darkest Brown Hair Dye With Organic Ingredients 120 mL / 4 fl. oz.

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ONC NATURALCOLORS healthier permanent hair color dye with certified organic ingredients. Hair coloring kit for home use.

NATURALCOLORS is a revolutionary hair color dye that is able to provide you the beautiful color you're looking for without the risks of commercial, chemical laden, hair color dyes. ONC actually cares about your health and well-being. This is why NATURALCOLORS was designed from the ground up to be healthier, safer and extremely effective.

NATURALCOLORS is the healthier hair color dye with certified organic ingredients and perfect gray coverage. It is applied using heat to open the cuticles. This method protects the hair from damaging, unhealthy ammonia used in chemical color dye to open the cuticle. The pH value of NATURALCOLORS is much lower than chemical color dyes and many "natural" hair colors dyes. After rinsing the hair's pH value is closer to a neutral value. The scale layer of the hair, the cuticle, is closed, and the color does not fade, providing a more natural, permanent solution.

  1. Low pH value
  2. Rich with certified organic ingredients, nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins & amino acids
  3. Gentle protein based formula
  4. No ammonia or ammonia derivatives
  5. Resorcinol, formaldehyde and paraben-free
  6. Pharmaceutical grade peroxide as used in contact lenses and eye drops
  7. Lowest percentage of PPD
  8. Guaranteed performance with optimal gray coverage
  9. No damage to hair's structural integrity
  10. Vegan & Cruelty-Free
  11. GMO Free
  12. Suitable for asthmatics. Not tested on animals
    • Shampoo to clean the hair of colored hair sprays, mascaras to cover gray before using the color
      • Mix in a bowl for best results
        • Use as soon as Color Gel and Colorfix are mixed
          • Adjust the color mix for thick or coarse hair 2:1 (Color Gel : Colorfix)
            • Emulsify/massage color that is already on the hair with warm water for 3 minutes before shampooing (helps push more color in to the hair)
              • Shampoo and condition only after emulsifying. As our colors do not have the chemical glue other colors have, we recommend sulfate-free, paraben-free, low pH shampoos and conditioners. This will stop the color from fading faster
                • Use sulfate-free, paraben-free, low pH shampoos and conditioners for longer lasting results


                • Compare NATURALCOLORS to other chemical hair colors
                • Use if the color out of the color bottle has turned black
                • Apply heat to already colored or bleached hair except when indicated
                • Expect immediate results if your hair has recently (within 3 months) been colored with Henna


                Chemical hair colors have harsh chemicals and a high pH. Both are used to open the hair cuticle and force color into the hair. This is damaging to your hair, scalp and health.

                NATURALCOLORS pH is very low. It cannot open the hair cuticle with a high pH like chemical colors. Instead, NATURALCOLORS uses heat to open the cuticle and penetrate the color. Heat opens the cuticles of the hair in the same way as a sauna opens the pores of your skin. There is no itch and no damage to your hair or scalp. This is a much healthier approach than traditional chemical color, for your hair, your scalp and your health.

                Men do no need to use heat. Apply. Wait 30 minutes for full gray coverage. Or 15-20 minutes for a 'salt and pepper' look. Rinse.


                Hair colors may cause allergic reactions. Temporary black henna tattoos may increase your risk of allergy.

                Even if you have colored your hair with this or another hair color before, we strongly recommend you conduct a preliminary test two days before every application.

                PRELIMINARY TEST

                1. Mix a small amount of Color Gel with Colorfix.
                2. Dab a dime-sized amount of this mixture behind your ear or inside forearm.
                3. Check the area two days later. Do not use NATURALCOLORS if there is any rash, swelling or irritation.

                COLOR CHECK

                To ensure the best color result, carry out a color check using the same mix you used for the preliminary test. If your hair is colored, permed, bleached, or has had a henna color, it can absorb more pigment and the color result can be darker. To make the test, take a one inch strand, and wearing the gloves provided, apply the mix. Leave for the full development time. Rinse well and dry.



                Color is too dark...

                Choose a lighter shade

                Ends are too dark...

                Your hair might be too dry or porous on the ends. Use QUINOAPLEX R3

                Color is too light...

                Choose a darker shade

                Color is too red / brassy...

                You might have chosen too light a shade for your hair. Choose a darker color or use one of the Ash Shades

                Color is as expected...

                You have chosen the correct shade

                Once the color is the one you expect, and there was no reaction to the preliminary test, you are ready to use NATURALCOLORS.

                The hair must be clean and free from styling products (i.e. Gels, Waxes, Coloring Sprays, etc.) These products can stop the color from working properly. Make sure to shampoo the hair, (but do NOT condition the hair). Hair must be dry.


                Decide on the amount of color needed. You can mix the Color Gel and the Colorfix in the bowl provided and apply with the brush or you may mix the Color Gel into the Colorfix bottle, shake well, and apply directly from the bottle. Apply to dry hair.



                1. Apply the mixture to the roots (regrowth hair that has not been colored before). Cover the hair with the plastic cap provided in the box. Direct medium heat from a blow-dryer* at the hair in the cap. Do this for 10 minutes for FINE hair / 20 minutes for hair that is THICK and RESISTANT. Take the plastic cap off.

                DO NOT WASH OR RINSE

                *Or purchase our Thermal Heat Cap.

                2. Next apply the color mixture to the rest of the hair. DO NOT COVER OR USE HEAT. Allow all of the color to process for an additional 25 minutes for FINE / 35 minutes for THICK and RESISTANT hair.

                COLOR TIP: Wet and massage the color on the scalp for 3 minutes prior to shampooing. This will help push more color into the cuticle of the hair before you rinse the color away.


                Use NATURALCARE Shampoo pouch. Rinse well. Use NATURALCARE Conditioner pouch. Leave in for 5 minutes. Rinse well.


                1. Do NOT apply color to the roots of your hair. Leave 1 inch free at the roots. Apply the color mixture to the rest of the hair evenly, making sure NOT to apply the color mixture to the first 1-inch of roots.

                2. After waiting 10 minutes, DO NOT WASH OR RINSE, apply the color mixture to the roots. Use the plastic cap provided in the box to cover the whole hair and use medium heat from a blow-dryer* for 20 minutes.

                *Or purchase our Thermal Heat Cap.

                COLOR TIP: Wet and massage the color on the scalp for 3 minutes prior to shampooing. This will help push more color into the cuticle of the hair before you rinse the color away.


                Use NATURALCARE Shampoo pouch. Rinse well. Use NATURALCARE Conditioner pouch. Leave in for 5 minutes. Rinse well.


                LIFT ONC NATURALCOLORS will not turn black hair blonde. It will lift 1-2 shades.

                NATURAL SHADES 1N, 2N, 3N, 4N, 5N, 6N, 7N, 8N will lift one shade. And cover gray 100%. 10N can lift 2 shades. But does not provide the best cover of gray. Results may vary. You can take ONC NATURALCOLORS 10N to a professional colorist or stylist. For them to use to lift to the greatest level.


                Store at room temperature 50° F - 80° F. Questions? Call our friendly concierge service (310) 430-6552.


                Caution - This product contains ingredients which may cause skin irritation on certain individuals and a preliminary test according to accompanying directions should first be made. This product must not be used for dyeing the eyelashes or eyebrows; to do so may cause blindness.

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